Monday, 19 November 2012

Wellbeing - mental keep fit.

My practice includes 'wellbeing' as well as counselling services. There may be people who don't feel counselling is appropriate for them; however perhaps they would like to have an opportunity to focus on their wellbeing. You could think of it a bit like going to the gym. You exercise in order to improve your physical wellbeing. There may also be things you could do for your psychological wellbeing too.

Stepping stones across the waterMindfulness can be something that might appeal to those looking for some kind of training for their minds. These mindfulness techniques and ideas can help with mental wellbeing and maybe improving concentration, helping manage stress and reducing levels of anxiety. It can also help you feel better physically.

The mind can affect our physical health in so many ways from an upset stomach, a bad back, headaches, insomnia, reduced resistance to infections... and so on. So wouldn't you want to keep fit mentally as well as physically? I'm not saying that mental wellbeing is a cure all but it can certainly make a difference, be beneficial, just as working on our physical fitness can be beneficial. Isn't that worthwhile?

It doesn't have to be about mindfulness. There could be particular things you would like to focus on that are not working as well in your life as you would wish. It can be a kind of life coaching. The difference here between wellbeing and counselling, as I'm presenting it, is that counselling deals with emotions in depth. It needs to have a regular structure generally to be effective and feel safe. Wellbeing is more focused on the practical side of things and as such does not necessarily need such a regular regime to be safe and effective help.

What both wellbeing and counselling services can provide is a space to explore and work on your concerns in a safe and creative way. As a counsellor, I feel that it is worthwhile offering both services, giving people the opportunity to find the approach best suited to them.

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